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​What are other customers saying about Rainford Hearing Aid Service?
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"Professional and Caring"
I've been a customer of Rainford for about 13 years. I have [purchased] 2 or 3 new sets of hearing aids [from Tom]. You will not find a more professional and caring person than Tom Rainford unless its Ron. They should be your only destination for the latest hearing techonology.   -Larry P.
Customer Reviews for Rainford Hearing Aid Service
"Extremely Knowledgable"
Rainford Hearing is just wonderful! After I purchased my first hearing aid from them because of some problems with both my hearing and the structure of my ear, I had to have several appointments with Rainford for adjustments. Tom was extremely patient and never once charged me for any of my appointments. Since that time, I've gone back for minor adjustments and servicing; and again, Tom said, "No charge." and servicing will always be free [when aids are purchased from us]. In addition, I think he is extremely and his pricing was very competitive. I definitely recommend Rainford Hearing.   - Eric T.
"Caring and Passionate"
I have been wearing hearing aids for the past 43 years and in all my years of living in the Vegas area, I have never found a business with such a caring and passionate attitude as Tom Rainford. His biggest concern is making sure the aids work for the client and not against the client. I have dealt with many hearing companies over the years that could never offer the same courtesy as RHAS. I highly recommend this company to anyone that has a hearing loss or know of a friend or loved one with a hearing loss to go to the "best in the west" hearing aid dealer.   - Jimmie F.
"Even get to Hear!"
Deaf people can do everything except hear, but with Rainford you even get to do that!   -Fred H.