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Ron Rainford
  Hearing Instrument Specialist
Tom Rainford
  Hearing Instrument Specialist
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About Rainford Hearing Aid Service
Rainford Hearing Aid Service was started by Ron Rainford in 1971 upon his retirement from the US Air Force. Ron became one of the first licensed hearing aid specialists in Nevada and a member of the International Hearing Society in 1973. 

Ron was joined in his venture by his son Tom in 1974. Tom received his degree in Hearing Instrument Technology from Anoka Ramsey and was licensed in 1979; he went on to become board certified in 1986. The father and son team have made it their objective to provide the latest technology with unbeatable customer service. 

Recent advancements in hearing aid technology have made it easier to hear in background noise and hearing aid users are now able to enjoy conversations in difficult listening environments. It's just a matter of fine tuning and finding the best settings for each customer's individual needs.

With Tom and Ron's dedication to the customer, their knowledge of the ever-advancing industry and their years of experience, they can find the right instrument and settings for you.
Ron retired US Air Force 1970; started Rainford Hearing Aid Service in 1971. Now semi-retired, Ron enjoys working a couple days a week while golfing and soaking up retired life the rest of the time.
Tom started helping in dad doing office work and repairing hearing aids in high school which prompted Tom to pursue his degree to become a specialist. Tom graduated; became licensed in 1979 and board certified in 1986. With Ron now semi-retired; Tom takes care of most of Rainford Hearing's clients.
Committed to helping our customers regain their quality of life.
Laura Rainford-Ghormley
  Office Manager
Starting at a young age, Laura grew up helping sort batteries then graduating to assisting with light paperwork and accounting while in high school. After going off to college, Laura returned in 2008 as Office Manager.